ɪnˈdɔ.mɪ.tʊs 100
"One may conquer a thousand men in a thousand battles. 
But the person who conquers one’s own self, is the greatest conqueror of ALL."
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Race Details

"Every child gets a trophy...!"

This is the worst thing we could have implemented as a race, because it has created the belief that no effort is required in order to get an accolade! All we have to do is 'show up' and we can say we did it! 

This doesn't fly as far as we're concerned, and we have zero interest in promoting such a philosophy. As such, you will not receive a medal just for registering for any Indomitus 100 event!

There is ONLY ONE way to leave the event with an accolade, and that is to FINISH IT!
There is a 30 hour cutoff for this race, and you need to have crossed the 100 mile line within that 30 hours to receive one of our buckles!

This means that you work harder, both in training for the event and at the race itself, and then the reward is so much more coveted!
The question is...

How Badly Do You Want It?

Our entry gift to you is an Indomitus 100 Ultra Marathon Hoo-Rag. The back story behind this is that our Race Director, Chris has said he has many shirts in his wardrobe that he never wears, but his most prized possessions are the head buffs he received as part of racing either AR or Ultra Marathon. 

The coveted Indomitus 100 Ultra Marathon Buckle - Summer Edition! 


As Humans, we were made to endure. Everything about us was designed to thrive, even in the most challenging and hostile of environments. It is a fact that we have found comfort in bending our environment to suit our own needs, which has softened us immensely. We were ALL born WILD...
It's time to reconnect our INNER BEAST!


EVERYTHING in life needs to either expand or it will perish. Everything we do is based on this philosophy of expansion, and nothing is wasted or superfluous to that purpose. We also know that for a person to expand, they must be appropriately supported. That is why the FOUR PATHWAYS of INDOMITUS exist! 


As humans, we tend to take. We take from the people, places and things around us in order for us to survive without realizing that there is an UNLIMITED source of power within US!
Connection to this power begins with connection to ourselves, which once established, will then serve to guide others to their own inherent and fundamental POWER!

Each Indomitus 100 Race is fully catered, providing plenty of choices for refueling and rehydrating, both before, during and after the event!
We have a private paramedic team on hand in the event that the unforeseen becomes seen and we are fully insured against the worst.

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